Jeff Guyett, Executive Director of the Community Action Center was this week’s guest. He shared a video. The participants talked about how they are benefited from the food bank, their energy assistance and weatherization programs.
Jeff talked about the broad programs available through CAC.
Every 3 years they do a community needs assessment to identify the areas that are with most needs in the Whitman County. 
In their needs assessment they found the following needs to be the most important. In the order of ranking from most to least were:
  1. Affordable dental care
  2. Childcare & affordable medical care
  3. Transportation to services and food security
They are working hard on meeting these needs. They have formed a Whitman county food coalition, which try to address some food security related issues. They are in the planning process of starting a program to increase the resources. They work with Palouse free clinic to help with the medical care need aspect of this. They serve up to 20 people per week.
They also work on raising the public awareness through poverty simulations, chef’s challenge and also building the awareness about the difficulty of surviving through food stamps.
Jeff also shared with us as to how satisfying the job he has. He shared some stories from those who he had heard back from of those who had gotten CAC help.