We had a “warm and fuzzy” presentation by Eric, which consisted of a video recap from a presentation by our current RI president, President John Germ, at the 2016 Convention.  He said that small opportunities can lead to great results, such as inviting guests to Rotary.  “I think that every one of us recognizes the opportunity to serve through Rotary,” he said.  “The only difference between a small opportunity and a great one, is what you do with it.”  He gave an example of toilets being installed in India, and the continued campaign to end Polio around the world.  These are examples of what can happen when we recognize the opportunity to join Rotary was the Opportunity of a lifetime.
Even though Polio is almost eradicated, President Germ said we can’t lose momentum.  “We’ve stuck with it all this time,” he said.  “We’re going to finish it.”  He also expressed the need for each club to get the message out about the organization and what we do, along with the notion that it is an organization that can “change the world.”  He expressed that the reason Paul Harris founded Rotary is still the same: to find people that share their own values.   Germ also emphasized that we needed such things as continuity of leadership, and working together. 
Eric took from where he left off, and surfaced reasons why all of us may have joined previously including service and fellowship.