Wende introduced Jake, who she hired roughly 11 years to work at SEL.  Jake and his wife Kendra have been adopting several children from Haiti, and will soon have a family of 11.  Some of his soon-to-be adopted children are still in Haiti, but they hope to have them here soon. 
Jake and Kendra started a non-profit called Good Neighbor Missions Internationally about 5 years ago, to help with children in need in Haiti.  They had a few friends with an orphanage originally, which gave them the idea.  Eventually they had enough funding to support an orphanage that they’re fully supporting every month, which is providing for the day-to-day life for kids in the area, from ages as young as 4 to 13.  They currently employ 12 staff to care for the ~23 children present. 
One of Jake’s main goals is also being able to fund a school there, and giving a meal a day to all the students present.  This would require $100/year for one person to sponsor a student for an entire year.  The recent hurricane that devastated Haiti has built up their school with more students as impacted residents have pushed their kids into the city so that they may attend school there, whereas no infrastructure is currently in place in some other areas of the country due to extreme weather. 
They are building a facility out in the countryside with a perimeter wall to protect the inhabitants.  They raised $10,000 from their donor base, and before heading to Haiti to work on the wall they received another $10,000 unexpectedly.  To exchange money, you must go to street vendors, which was slightly nerve-wracking for Jake as they had quite a bit of money, and stood out from the crowds.  However, it all worked out and they could make necessary exchanges.
“Being on the ground in Haiti, everything is harder,” said Jake, in regards to the difference in performing construction in Haiti vs the United States.  Separate process and parties occur for mixing concrete, setting up electricity, car wear from driving occurs, farming, sewing, and making blocks. 
Jake presented ways we can help, including visiting the orphanage, sponsoring a child’s education, sponsoring the orphanage, and praying for the people there.  They also sell coffee that can be purchased to support them.