Harmon introduced Lyle Drader as the guest speaker.  Harmon has had a lot of fascination regarding aviation on the Palouse.  After making a trip out to Inter-State Aviation, he got their chief pilot Lyle out to make a presentation. 
Lyle first asked if there are any pilots currently present, of which there were none.  He’s been flying for 25 years, and has all the obtainable ratings except for one.  He is a certified flight instructor, and can teach flying lessons as well as how to be an instructor.  Lyle grew up in Colton, and has been in the area most of his life where he worked on a farm for 31 years until got tired of it and took up flying. 
Among other things, Inter-State Aviation plan charters throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Most recently they went to Sun Valley.  They also teach and sells fuel to companies in the area such as SEL.  They have roughly 13 different aircraft now, including 3 Cessna 172s. 
He’s had many interesting experiences throughout his career.  At one time, he couldn’t stop after landing on a runway, and ended up in a nearby field.  Luckily, he got the aircraft back on the runway, and flew out.  He was also able to convince the owner Doug that the plane, which as he didn’t crash or damage it, he was ok with.  One time he had an engine blow up! He had to crash land it with low visibility, but made it with only minor scratches.
The courses he teaches include homework, quizzes, and exams.  All of this is meant to prep you how to complete the FA exam.  Lyle is convinced that telling stories as part of flight training is crucial, giving students an idea of experiences.  He also builds rapport with students, giving fun penalties for any problems during tests (i.e. if a landing doesn’t go so well, he thinks the student might owe him a beer). 
When you get a commercial pilot’s license, all you can do is pull banners, photography, or a trainer.  To do a charter, you must go further with training.  Lyle’s first charter trip was after a long day of flying (he hadn’t maxed out on his hours) and he flew some people to Portland, that slept the whole way.  It was nice as he could visit his nephew.
They have 3 personnel working on fixing and performing maintenance on aircraft almost constantly.  When the new airport is finished, some new planes may land including 737s and A320s.  Lyle has seen these lands previously with the WSU football team.  It takes $9000-$12000 to get your private pilot’s license.  National average for obtaining a license is 62-67 hours.  Part of the need for so much time is being able to successfully land an aircraft.