Ed introduced this week’s guest, Ethan Adams.  He is the CEO of VMRD, where’s he’s been officially employed for roughly 22 years.  However as his dad helped found the company, he has been involved for most of his life.  Ethan told us how he even answered a phone call from a customer as a toddler, with his uncle quickly intervening. 
Ethan spoke about the history and background of VMRD, which serves veterinary laboratories, vaccine manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.  Their mission is to provide high quality products and services to their customers and a harmonious and rewarding work environment for their employees.
His father Scott Adams and a few others founded the company.  They did so with the idea of being able to produce diagnostic products based on scientific research, where at the time research was otherwise “sitting on a shelf.” 
VMRD went through a number of phases including as a startup in the early 80s, venture capital after that, and as a growing business from 2007 on.  Through what he deemed as “rewarding” learning experiences, they realized they needed to diversify their efforts among a number of products, as opposed to one.  The business was previously in Gladish Community Center from 1984-1998, but as it is a biotech company, there would sometimes be certain unwelcome smells from working with bacteria, media, and other things.  “It’s not something you want if you’re not a biotech nerd,” he said. 
After they moved into a new building, they acquired ABR, a contract research company in Tennessee.  This eventually moved to Pullman, and after some work on reorganization and integration, it has become a profitable part of their business.